The goal of Our Fairy Godmother is to provide young women with prom dresses. Starting in 2012, "Our Fairy Godmother" seeks to ensure that young women have the opportunity to enjoy their high school prom nights, without having to pay the hundreds of dollars on a beautiful prom dress. Although the organization started as a small effort by one individual, throughout the years "Our Fairy Godmother" has gained many supporters and donors who share a passion for this initiative. It is our hope that "Our Fairy Godmother" will only continue to inspire others to take action and provide even more opportunities for more young women across the nation.

Get involved and start your own dress drive!
  1. Think About it.
    Girls can't go to prom because
    they can't afford a dress...
  2. Let's do something! Talk to a club supervisor, a teacher, the principal, sorority/fraternity president, etc. and pick a date, time, and location for your prom dress drive.
  3. Register your dress date on the Post Script website!
  4. Pick a drop off location and set a deadline
    for the dresses to be dropped off.
  5. Let everyone know what you are doing!
    Contact local media, different community organizations,
    and all your friends and let them know you are collecting prom dresses.